GIRLSCHOOL Field Day Weekend

GIRLSCHOOL Field Day Weekend was a three day festival filled with some of the strongest female-fronted acts I’ve seen. The event was spearheaded by GIRLSCHOOL Collective, the project of Anna Bulbrook of The Bulls, the Airborne Toxic Event, and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, who’s mission is to celebrate the females who are out there making music, art, and sharing their voice. Proceeds for the event went to Rock N Roll Camp for Girls, LA, which gives young women the opportunity to learn to play instruments and rock out together. The weekend kicked off with a panel of influential women in the music industry including band members, journalists and radio hosts, including KROQ’s Kat Corbett. These women shared experiences of being a female in a predominantly male industry of alternative rock, about what it means to express feelings with male and female counterparts, about inequality in the industry when it comes to pay and respect. Several also spoke about the latest scandal from Life or Death PR—speaking up about sexual harassment that occurs within the industry, and some shared the experience of being assumed as groupies or girlfriends before they are band leaders, members, and journalists.

The entire weekend was incredibly uplifting and inspiring, each day building upon the last. There was a very “just be you” vibe, as young women and men from hipster to normcore swayed, moshed, and chilled to the wide variety of music being showcased. When you have a night kicking off with Jade, a folky woman-with-a-guitar act and ending with the screams and metal riffs of Dead Sara, you’re guaranteed to be exposed to something new.

The entire event featured around 20 bands, from folk to hardcore punk rock and everything in between. Miya Folick graced the stage with a presence that was incredibly charming, yet dangerous at the same time, as she uninhibitedly belted during several of her choruses. Kitten jammed out and validated Shakespeare’s theory,”and though she be but little, she is fierce.” Dead Sara riled up the crowd and owned her hardcore sound. Nina & Louise from Veruca Salt gave us an intimate duet performance. White Sea revealed her full range of exquisite vocals, and Gothic Tropic’s guitar solos would give shred-envy to literally any band. Needless to say, there was no shortage of performance highlights from the weekend.

However, what really stood out the most in this weekend was the level of love and devotion these women have for their craft. Whatever the music genre, these women gave the performances their all, and felt their sounds and lyrics in their entirety. Thank you to Girlschool Collective for putting this event together—I am already looking forward to the next one!

Panel Discussion

 Steady Holiday

 The Bulls

Miya Folick

Dead Sara


Alina Bea

Maria Taylor

Kim and the Created


Kera and the Lesbians

Gothic Tropic


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