Last night, I happened to catch jennylee’s show at El Cid in Silverlake. This show was announced last minute, as she posted a photo of her happy pup who broke the news for us. She headlined as the special guest, performing after Diamonds and Katie Burden, who also sang back up vocals for jennylee. Jenny Lee Lindberg brought the attitude and energy to the entire night in a set complete with laughter, head-banging, and precision as she performed her tracks from “Right On!” sporting a “Right On!” hoodie. While Lindberg plays bass in her main gig, Warpaint, she sang only vocals for the performance. Her voice and music is much what you’d expect from a Warpaint member—filled with ethereal and raw qualities at the same time. She connected with and charmed the audience, and made the set truly her own. Band mate, Emily, from Warpaint was present at the show, demonstrated the loving connection and support the Warpaint members share. Listen here to jennylee—never  



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