Play Like a Girl


This past Saturday marked my very first “Play Like a Girl” or “PLAG” experience. This community puts on shows every month featuring female-fronted acts and female owned business. Basically, it’s a way for the L.A. community to get together and honor amazing female artists. All people of all ages are welcome, and if you subscribe to their list, it’s a $5 show every time.

I was drawn to headliners Liphemra and Miya Folick. It would be my third time seeing Miya Folick play, and I knew her act would be impressive. The show began around 5:30, which was pretty early for a Saturday night. I arrived in time for Spelles—a female fronted alt-rock band with nods to classic and maybe a little country, but nonetheless with a powerful voice. The energy switched, however, when Liphemra took the stage as small but fierce front woman Liv introduced the audience to a more hip-hip, electronic inspired vibe. What was impressive was the standing drum kit that Liv played from during the last song, as she demonstrated her various skills and musicianship.

And finally Miya Folick took the stage, joined to my surprise by Kera from Kera and the Lesbians on the bass. Her stage presence was stronger than ever, donning an all-white dress with some bondage looking attire underneath was a perfect way to describe the presence of this young woman on stage—pure yet dangerous. Her range and versatility are stunning, and her set consisted of everything from soft ballads to screaming headbangers that made my hair stand on edge. Miya Folick is a stunning performer, and if you haven’t caught her live performance yet, I’d do so before she blows up.

The next PLAG event is place marked for December 10 with a TBD lineup.

Check out my Instagram feed @theindiecation for videos.



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