Desert Daze—An Indiecation Recap


This past weekend I headed down the dusty trail en route to the Institute of Mentalphysics in Joshua Tree for Desert Daze—a long weekend filled with great music, amazing humans, lots of drinks and dust.

Driving down 29 Palms itself could be considered a spiritual experience. As the heatgrew hotter and scenery grew browner, it was clear that we were not in L.A. anymore. We sent good vibes to the campsite, setting the intention for a prime camping spot and speedy entry. Yeah, it worked.

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Oddly Comforting

Indiecation Playlist (1)Do you ever find yourself feeling comforted by a song that has a dark side, or seems slightly eerie? Yeah? No? Maybe it’s just me. But now that Mercury is in retrograde again, this playlist is just dying to be posted.

Take a listen! You might just find yourself oddly comforted.

What song strangely comforts you? Leave it in the comment!




Broke LA

Do you like music? Art? Food? Comedy? What about puppies? The one-day Broke LA festival, formerly known as “Brokechella” offered all of the above. Taking place during the Coachella Weekend #2, the first “Brokechella” event was hosted 6 years ago in service to showcasing a sea of local bands at a non-Coachella price. This year was my first time attending Broke LA, and for the $20 admission, it totally over-delivered.

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Moon Block Rock N Roll Circus

This show on Saturday, January 9, at the Teregram Ballroom in Los Angeles hosted by Moon Block Party promised “no sets or Moon Block Ron N Roll Circusswitchovers–one continuous performance blending each band, it’s members, and songs and instrumentation.” This intrigued me, and I was curious to see how the sets would play out. The stage was set with glowing neon eyeballs, and performers filtered into the two drum sets, keyboards, guitars, etc. The stage was set for two bands to perform. The evening seemed to blend in and out between “jamming” sets and actual songs. It was truly a one-of-a-kind performance by members of Fever the Ghost, Jjujjuu, Hott MT, Morgan Delt, and Vinyl Williams, specially prepared for this psychedelic night. Check out their last jam of the set here: