Surf Curse, Slow Hollows, and Sadgirl at the Glass House


This past Thursday I headed to the Glass House in Pomona for the first time to catch a powerhouse of a lineup featuring Boyo, Sadgirl, Slow Hollows, and Surf Curse.

I arrived in time for the last few songs of Boyo’s set and then headed upstairs to view the rest of the show at a safe distance where I could actually see since the floor was already packed and I fully expected the moshing to break out during Sadgirl’s set. And I was not wrong! They delivered an impressive, high energy surf rock set complete with jangly guitar solos and ’50s rock vocals. Next Slow Hollows took the stage, this time featuring a sax and trumpet player on several of their tracks as well. They played mostly songs from their new album, Romantic, which features mostly mellow indie styles with deep vocals.  Continue reading

Oddly Comforting

Indiecation Playlist (1)Do you ever find yourself feeling comforted by a song that has a dark side, or seems slightly eerie? Yeah? No? Maybe it’s just me. But now that Mercury is in retrograde again, this playlist is just dying to be posted.

Take a listen! You might just find yourself oddly comforted.

What song strangely comforts you? Leave it in the comment!




Beach Fossils at the Union


I was fortunate enough to snag a ticket to Beach Fossils last-minute show on Monday March 14 at the Union! They had just come from playing the Burger x Observatory Festival in Santa Ana, which I was sadly unable to attend, so I was delighted to discover they would be making a stop in L.A. to play a $10 show at a venue I’d never heard of or been to!

This was another solo mission for the books, as the show sold out quickly. The Union is in the Arlington Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, and on the outside looks like a discoteca with an attempted transformation into a show venue. The layout of the interior is interesting… an island bar in the middle of the room cut made it seem less spacious than it was, and to see the bands I had to really work my way into the crowd. Continue reading