Midnight Mass II: Long Beach’s Punk Rock Church

I was pleased to hear about this show for the first time this year, “Midnight Mass,” which caters to the DIY punk scene in Long Beach. With headliners like The Garden and The Spits, and a lineup featuring some of my faves, Feels, Walter, and The Buttertones, and taking place at an artist colony venue “The Packard” on Anaheim and Long Beach Blvd., this Christmas-themed festival was sure to be a huge draw for locals of all ages.

When I arrived a little past 2:00 p.m., the Nectarines were onstage outside to a fairly empty venue. Right away, I noticed that I’d probably be one of the eldest attendees (even though apparently I look 21 ;-)), but I didn’t let that deter me and just made a mental note to step aside from the riff-raff because, let’s face it, my moshing and crowd-surfing days are well behind me. Continue reading

Lollipop Your Heart Out

This past Saturday I attended a day festival hosted by Lollipop Records, “Lollipop Your Heart Out.” The festival featured bands on their record label, with sounds varying from punk to psychedelic. The event was held at the Teregram Ballroom with the band sets beginning at 5:00 p.m. What I enjoyed most about this show was that in a way it felt like a rock revival–or maybe I just haven’t seen that many psych rock bands as of late. With headliner, Mystic Braves and bands like the Creation Factory and Psychomagic, ’70’s rock is apparently alive and well.

My favorites from the show included Billy Changer, bassist of Corners, and his solo act, who’s sound was similar to Diiv’s shoegaze noise rock, as well as Part Time, who brought the sound into the ’80’s with their synth rock and stage presence. Female fronted bands were featured as well, with the surf-garage-rock sounds of Samiras Infinite Summer and all-girl punk band, Peach Kelli Pop.

Another stand out from this event was the stage attire. For some, it was hard to tell if the outfits were for the show, or part of their day-to-day life! From the Beatles look-a-likes to cross-dressing bassists in leopard print heels and moroccan red tassel pants, it’s clear that the band members represented on Lollipop Records have a sense of humor don’t take their appearance too seriously.

The Creation Factory

Billy Changer


Part Time

Peach Kelly Pop