Oddly Comforting

Indiecation Playlist (1)Do you ever find yourself feeling comforted by a song that has a dark side, or seems slightly eerie? Yeah? No? Maybe it’s just me. But now that Mercury is in retrograde again, this playlist is just dying to be posted.

Take a listen! You might just find yourself oddly comforted.

What song strangely comforts you? Leave it in the comment!




Frankie Cosmos at the Echo

This past Thursday, I caught Brooklyn-based Lo-Fi Indie-Rock outfit, Frankie Cosmos at her sold out show at the Echo. Opening acts included female-fronted performances—solo acts of Anna McClellan and Yowler, as well as Frankie Cosmo’s keyboard/vocalist’s band, Eskimeaux.

Lately, the Echo has been one of my favorite concert venues, and I prefer it even over its larger step-sister, the Echoplex, because I’m almost always guaranteed a spot right up front. There was an unexpected guest on the stage shortly after I arrived, Anna McClellan, who was joining the tour just for the night. Sporting an overall maxi dress and oversized glasses, I wasn’t the least bit surprised when she mentioned she was from Omaha. She opened the show with some blues-inspired piano playing and belting vocals, and was joined by Greta Kline (Frankie Cosmos) and band for her final song. Yowler took the stage next, laying down her solo guitar set with the audience. Her voice was probably one of the strongest of the group that evening, and her performance had some beautiful moments, such as singing “let it go, let it go” angelically over her guitar. Continue reading