Hinds at the Echoplex


Last Friday I caught the magical act of all girl Madrid-based garage-rock band, Hinds, at the Echoplex! Adult Books and Cotillion opened for them.

What a perfect ending to the night…I’m in the process of moving, and had just finished taking two trips of items in my fully stocked car to my new apartment, where I was promptly greeted with some help and some wine. I came home and continued to pack while snacking on meatballs and champagne…all that was left in my fridge at this point. My friends arrived and we headed to the Echoplex a little later than expected, unfortunately missing the opening act, Adult Books.

The Echoplex was packed with hipsters and rockers, and the sound of Spanish accents on the mic beckoned us and the rest of the crowd inside, where we made our way to the center of the pit. Hinds announced that we were the last stop of their tour promoting their recently released album, Leave Me AloneContinue reading

Porches & Alex G


Porches and Alex G performed to a sold out show at the Echoplex last Tuesday, March 29. Porches had initially caught my attention with their latest release Pool which is a rather danceable indie electronic and rock album, and quite a drastic shift from lead singer Aaron Maine’s earlier folk and garage rock works.

While Porches sold me on the show, most of the crowd appeared to be Alex G devotees. I had only recently started listening to him just after purchasing the ticket. I’m glad I did, because amidst the recently released lo-fi album, Beach Music, hidden gems like “Thorns” and “Brite Boy” are some new favorites in my Indie music repertoire. Continue reading