Mixed Emotions Club


Feeling all the feels?  Holiday season got you feeling some type of way? I know I broke down after seeing Gilmore Girls, A Year in the Life (which is why it starts and ends with Sam Phillips). But the year is coming to a rapid close, and I, along with this playlist, encourage you to feel all your feelings and get ready to let go and make room for a grand new year, because 2016 was rough af. (Title & inspiration credit: Tuesday Bassen) Continue reading


Sunstock Solar Festival

This past Saturday, I braved the heat to attend the first ever Sunstock Solar Festival at the Autry Museum inside Griffith Park. I arrived just in time to beat the crowds, armed with my ticket, purchased at 50% off on Groupon, before Gateway Drugs went onstage. At this time, the audience was still taking cover from the heat, relaxing on a picnic blanket, or taking selfies with the glittering art installation, so there was ample space in the pit. Continue reading