Enter the Enchanted Forest of Jen Gloeckner’s VINE

Iowa-Based Bedroom Pop artist Jen Gloeckner released VINE just earlier this year, and the result is hauntingly stunning. The bedroom-recorded dream-pop album, released on Spinning Head Records, evokes hypnotic, reflective emotions.

The album opens with “Vine,” setting the mood with harp-like synth minor arpeggios and dark atmospheric sounds. Gloeckner’s vocals echo in a simple, eerie melody in which she declares she’s “all right without your love.” “Firefly” swells in a trance-inducing instrumental soundscape. “Breathe” is dreamy yet danceable with an industrial hypnotic vibe. What makes this track stand out is the avant-garde instrumentation — some electronic strings wail just before the halfway point of the song, and the “ahs” in the chorus pair perfectly with the rhythm of the synths. “Ginger Ale” could be straight out of Lana Del Rey’s repertoire with drooping vocals set to an ethereal backdrop. But the instrumental with piano and strings take the track into more complex territory, in a good way.

“The Last Thought” has a dreamy retro-vibe featuring a folk inspired tune, a steady drum beat and swelling strings with cascading guitars. “The last thought of my day / was kissing you goodbye” she sings in a hopeless romantic kind of way. “Blowing Through” has just about the most pronounced vocals Gloeckner will give in the album. She sings a winding tune over dreamy soundscapes and sliding guitars to a ballroom tempo. “Counting Sheep” will certainly get you ready for bed with heavenly harp arpeggios and angelic backing vocals. “Prayers” stretches time by utilizing a quick dance beat and slowing down in the chorus. “Colors” is ambient in nature and share a glimpse of Gloeckner’s despair — “Fill me back in,” she pleads, mourning a lost love. “Row With the Flow” channels the Twin Peaks theme and is another true standout. “Somebody’s sinking way too low / Somebody simply rows with the flow / I know it’s not that easy,” Gloeckner sings undoubtedly about following her passion. “Sold” closes the album on a dreamy yet moving folk note.

Both the lyrics and ambient nature of VINE give the album an art-song, poetic feeling. Listening to it is like stepping into Gloeckner’s enchanting bedroom — a forest-like place to reinvent yourself while you soothe your soul.

Take a listen to the full album here, or purchase VINE on iTunes:


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