Happy Cinco de Marco!

It’s a blessed day indeed as Mac Demarco released his fifth album from via Captured Tracks today titled This Old Dog.

The overall theme appears to be growing older and maturing – something Mac-y’s probably not quite ready for as he gives himself a long look in the mirror each morning. But his willingness to “go there” and reveal to his fans what keeps him up at night has really culminated into something special. What he deems as “jizz-jazz” is coming to life with the occasional jazz-influenced chords and the integration of the synth in several of his tracks.

Here are my top five songs from the album:

5. One More Love Song – Mac kept the tradition going of adding (another) slow love song, as “The Way You’d Love Her” was to Another One and I think he pulled it off really well.

4.  For the First Time – I really enjoy the shimmering synth in this one, and I feel it really represents that simple is sometimes best.

3. This Old Dog – This was one of the first releases, but it’s got a great melody in the chorus and shared an inspiring message in …”all we have, and all that’s next.”

2. On the Level – Love the synth in this one, and listened to it over and over again when it came out!

1. Moonlight on the River – Mostly love this one for the jam session ending, but also the lyrics and chorus are simply stunning. Mac keeps it depressingly real, “I’m home, with moonlight on the river, saying my goodbyes / I’m home, there’s moonlight on the river, everybody dies.”

You can check out my full album review on Mxdwn.com here as soon as it’s posted!

Check out the album here:


What’s your favorite song from the album? Comment below!


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