Monthly Musing: Spring Flings and Bedroom Daydreams


It’s about that time to reflect on the past month… March was another concert-filled, up and down, and re-evaluating time. Of course, music was with me every step of the way. It’s such a comfort to find a song that just “hugs” you, especially when you’re not feeling 100% about anything in your life. I’ve been without a steady job since September, and my mind is channeling so many creative projects that I can’t keep up. And while I consider myself to be multi-passionate, it seems that the only way I can make money is by doing work I’m not that enthusiastic about.

Putting myself out there with music writing and also my new product business has been challenging, but really rewarding at the same time. I’m excited to see how everything unfolds, because I can see the end goals, but the path is very hazy. So here’s to the beginning of a fresh month—may April bring showers that clear the haze and welcome new days.

Without further ado, here are a couple of my faves from March and to look forward to this weekend:

SONG: Bedroom, “Nothing Lasts.”

I love the darkness and 80’s vibe dreaminess in this track. Appropriately named for bedroom listening!


ALBUM: Real Estate, In Mind.

Real Estate prove they have much more in them creatively with the release of this stunning album. One of my favorite moments is about halfway through “Two Arrows.” The instrumental buildup is just incredible.


UPCOMING SHOWS: Broke LA / FemFest 2017 this Saturday, April 8.

BrokeLA, formerly known as “BrokeChella” is taking place again this year, this time in East L.A. I went to this show last year and had a great time! This year, James Supercave and Boyo are calling to me, and of course, puppies to pet from BarkLA.

Check out the lineup here:

Broke LA

This FemFest has a super Femme Power lineup with headliner Miya Folick and performances from Alina Bea, Liphemra, Inti Wawa and Blushh—it’s gonna be rad!


Also, I’ve been super busy writing album reviews for! Check them out here:

Until next time!




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