Album Review: Surf Curse – Nothing Yet

If there was an anthem for millennials, this would be a front runner. With driving tracks clocking in at no longer than 3 minutes and track titles like “Doom Generation” and “All is Lost,” Nothing Yet caters to its disengaged youth.

Reno-based lo-fi, surf rock duo Jacob Rubeck  and Nicholas Rattigan’s music captivate and inspire from open to close in Nothing Yet. Sure, there are plenty of groups like this around, but Surf Curse has a rawness and tenderness in its tracks that can only be uniquely described.

Closing track “Falling Apart” is one of the most stunning ballads I’ve heard with belting vocals and tender lyrics like “I’ll never quite be what people expect of me / I’m falling apart” and gentle chromatic “ooh’s” in the chorus, it’ll have you belting along with each verse, “Maybe I’ll just give in!”

“Sleeping” is another dreamy track about dazed summer flings that any youth can relate to. It’s simple, but worth staying awake for.

Most the other tracks have driving drums and strumming guitars. Opening track, “Christine F” sings “I’m killing my time / killing myself / killing my friends oh man, do it again” monotonously and repeatedly, setting the tone for the album, then moves into “Doom Generation,” continuing the pulse. “The Strange and the Kind” is more melodic and features arpeggiated guitars and complimentary vocals, that sing “I’ll be Dazed and Confused all my life.” “It followed me” is pretty much the definition of lo-fi with warped guitars and simple vocals. “Cronnenberg” picks up the pace in “Doom generation Fashion” with a belting chorus. “Nostalgia” is also simple,yet catchy.

“All is Lost” is the fastest and most mosh-worthy track with pinging guitars and driving beats and frustrated vocals but slows down toward the end, eventually coming to a halt, getting ready to slow the pace down and set the stage to close with “Falling Apart.”

What sets this album apart from the rest is the borderline King Krule attempt at angst-y vocals and overall just well-crafted and thought out tracks that are cohesive yet unique in their own way, proving that sometimes simple and low fidelity is better.

Take a listen here below and join them in Pomona with Slow Hollows next month!




6 thoughts on “Album Review: Surf Curse – Nothing Yet

  1. I just want to thank you for writing this, I’ve now found a new band to listen to, I’ve never heard of them prior to reading this. The song ‘Doom Generation’ is a truly amazing one. What would you say is your favorite track on this album?

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