Black Marble – It’s Immaterial

Fans of dark wave and dream pop will unite over Black Marble’s sophomore album, Immaterial. Self-Described as “just New Order played through a trashcan,” it’s clear that these guys don’t take themselves too seriously and are truly humbled by their following.

I first heard Black Marble while watching the movie, Men, Women, and Children, in which “A Great Design” really struck a chord with me. I immediately Shazam’ed it and proceeded to spend the next month listening to A Different Arrangement in it’s entirety.

When Immaterial came out, I was hooked with “Frisk,” which is probably my favorite off the album. The danceable, yet dreamy synth and vocals paired with deliberate bass and constant arpeggios had me swaying on many a car ride. It was the definition of ‘up my alley’.

But if you choose to take a full listen, the album is filled with several more stunning tracks, including the delicate “Self Guided Tours” and softly driven, “It’s Conditional.” The album opens the scene to what sounds like a horror film with “Interdiction,” the 1:11 minute-long screeching instrumental track. The rest of the album is dark and eerie, but not in a screeching manner. There are clear influences of 80’s pop, dark wave and goth sounds of Bauhaus and New Order with quite faint vocals that simply add another layer of texture to the instrumentals.

Black Marble’s sound it not vocal heavy—in fact, everything has a purpose and each track has it’s own element of push and pull. They are not afraid to be minimal, but also have a knack for finding the perfect layers and textures of sound to incorporate. If SURVIVE were unavailable, perhaps Black Marble would have done the Stranger Things soundtrack justice.

Take a listen to It’s Immaterial below, and if you like what you year, scroll further for their Winter Tour dates!



Check out Black Marble’s Facebook Page for tickets.


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