#DisappearHere with Poolside


This past Thursday, I caught the first concert of the Hammer Museum and KCRW’s “Disappear Here” summer series. I was excited to discover that both Poolside and Tokimonsta were playing this year!

The evening began pretty low-key, as I arrived at around 7:00 p.m. at the Hammer, just in time for happy hour. Concert-goers enjoyed the drinks, food trucks outside, and interactive seated installations that were more like fun swivel chairs—because TGIF!

KCRW DJ Aaron Byrd was playing some eclectic beats that were getting an attendee or two dancing up a sweat. It was also a good time to check out some of the art galleries upstairs. I particularly enjoyed the colorful art made from sheet music, and I must say that strolling the galleries with wine in hand would make anyone feel like a truly cultured being.

Opening act Carlos Niño & Friends took the stage, and jazz sounds were soon reverberating from the courtyard and off the building walls. The audience grew thicker as they grew more captivated with the musicianship present. Carlos swapped woodwind instruments like a pro—from sax to flute, bass clarinet at back.

Shortly after, Poolside took the stage ready for an epic hour and a half long set. The crowd was in full swing at this moment, and I danced along to the groovy beats with my friends, feeling the #DisappearHere more and more as the set progressed. They played almost all of their tracks from Pacific Standard Time, the highlights including a captivating set of “Next to You” and a closing set of “Harvest Moon,” which is still one of the best and most unique covers around.

Did I mention this was Free? Check out the Hammer for three more free concerts on Thursdays.

And for more free concerts this summer, visit KCRW Summer Nights.


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