Dance Church—Gavin Turek Residency

Some girlfriends and I had the immense pleasure of catching Gavin Turek‘s first performance of her month-long residency at the Bootleg Theater. She’s performing her indie electro-pop music and dance act every Monday until the end of May, and it’s all free!

So, we had an idea to get all our friends to come out and support females in music, particularly this one, by forming this one-night powerhouse event, “Femme Power Dance Church” at 8:30 p.m. on Monday, May 23! Click here for details.

We invite you to join us, Rachel (OperaHippy) and Cynthia (ForSwoonersOnly) on the dance floor of the intimate Bootleg Theater, on the Monday before I head to Barcelona for Primavera Sound! It’s free and it’s going to be a blast. Gavin just doesn’t stop moving, and neither will we! Here’s a song of hers to get you groovin’:

Hope to see you there. Check out the Facebook Event—all are welcome!

Femme Power (1)

*Disclaimer: this event is not affiliated with the Bootleg Theater, just an invitation to attend.


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