Corners at the Blind Spot Project

On a Wednesday Downtown LA night, I caught Corners’ show at this Art district, industrial location. I was excited to see opening all-girl punk act, the Paranoyds, again too. I had seen them open for DIIV in the past, and was impressed by their badass stage presence. Additional opening bands included shoegaze band The Black Sea and dark wave fivesome,

The Blindspot Project space was small, elusive, and artistic. The DIY corner bar and sitting areas gave the space a homey, gallery style feel. The thermal heat approach to the  visuals provided during the band sets added a psychedelic dimension to the performances. 

I’d seen Corners perform a handful of times already, but this particular show was probably the most energetic I’d seen them and the audience! The small gallery space was packed with fans, and a mosh pit formed in the middle of their set.

Check out some videos and photos here:

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