Oddly Comforting

Indiecation Playlist (1)Do you ever find yourself feeling comforted by a song that has a dark side, or seems slightly eerie? Yeah? No? Maybe it’s just me. But now that Mercury is in retrograde again, this playlist is just dying to be posted.

Take a listen! You might just find yourself oddly comforted.

What song strangely comforts you? Leave it in the comment!





One thought on “Oddly Comforting

  1. Love the playlist! Can’t wait to listen to it over and over again. šŸŒš I’m currently feeling strangely comforted by “Troublemaker”… Beach House. I love the introduction of lonely keys and bass. When the guitar comes in with that distant distortion as she spills out the lyric “tearing everything apart”. It hurts so good. It’s maybe not so dark, as it lifts up in the chorus for sure, but definitely get that oddly comforting feeling from it, and lots of Beach House!

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