Hinds at the Echoplex


Last Friday I caught the magical act of all girl Madrid-based garage-rock band, Hinds, at the Echoplex! Adult Books and Cotillion opened for them.

What a perfect ending to the night…I’m in the process of moving, and had just finished taking two trips of items in my fully stocked car to my new apartment, where I was promptly greeted with some help and some wine. I came home and continued to pack while snacking on meatballs and champagne…all that was left in my fridge at this point. My friends arrived and we headed to the Echoplex a little later than expected, unfortunately missing the opening act, Adult Books.

The Echoplex was packed with hipsters and rockers, and the sound of Spanish accents on the mic beckoned us and the rest of the crowd inside, where we made our way to the center of the pit. Hinds announced that we were the last stop of their tour promoting their recently released album, Leave Me Alone

Their performance was full of rock ‘n roll energy, imperfect in all its glory. They appear to be un-phased by their newfound fame, and have a delightful way of connecting with their fans. Hinds bring a certain charm and attitude to their performance—dancing around, swinging their high-held ponytails, and just having pure fun on the stage, all the while executing their somewhat ’50’s inspired garage surf rock to a T.

Some of my favorite of the songs performed included Castigadas en el Granero, which was full of hard rock energy and performed with full enthusiasm both on stage and in the crowd, as well as the closing encore performance of Davey Crocket, which invited all the fans backstage onto the stage, and some of whom (perhaps myself included) hopped up on stage to join the band. This level of contact Hinds offers with the audience is truly touching to see…often, a barrier is placed between the musicians and the fans, but Hinds members waited patiently and took probably hundred of selfies with their fans, both on stage directly after the performance, and also at their merch table.

This show was buzzing with fun energy…maybe it’s because it also fell on a Friday night, but Hinds truly brought the life into the Echoplex for the evening. Viva Hinds!



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