The Drums at the OC Observatory

This past Tuesday, I caught The Drums’ performance at the OC Observatory. The stage pit, risers, and balcony were all packed with Drums fans who cheered loudly as the Drums logo descended from above to set the stage. Surely they were awaiting an energetic performance—and the crowd’s anticipation was worthwhile.

My good friend reported, “You’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t seen the Drums!” And, for some reason I thought that was the only noteworthy statement to jot down during the performance. When I think about it now though, it really does sum up the show quite well…The Drums are super talented, fun, and interesting, and if you’ve never heard of them, hopefully these videos will entice you to take a listen…

What I love about The Drums is their unique surf-rock sound; it’s heavy, but in a way that makes you just want to dance the night away, which was what the audience, myself included, did! The lead singer, Johnny Pierce’s flamboyant dance moves make him so captivating to watch, and his voice just comes through smooth as butter.

They played a good mix of songs from Portamento, their self-titled album, The Drums, and their latest album, Encyclopedia. With three top-notch albums out, the show was just set up to be stellar. Encyclopedia brings more synth into the mix, in which more complex, lengthier and beautiful songs like “Wild Geese” shine through.

They closed the show with probably their most classic song of all time, “Let’s Go Surfing.” The crowd danced freely, boogie-ing with their hands in the air all night to the dreamy sounds of New York surf rock.


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