Avid Dancer at the Echo

This past Thursday, I caught Avid Dancer, Gothic Tropic, and Banta at the Echo. With Gothic Tropic and Kera (Kera and the Lesbians) playing bass in Avid Dancer, it felt a little bit like a Girlschool Weekend reunion! I definitely had flashbacks to that amazing music-filled weekend.

Female fronted band, Banta, opened the night with some danceable indie-pop. Next was Gothic Tropic, who performed several of their newer songs. It’s a pleasure to watch front woman, Cecilia, shredding on the guitar, as she takes the lead both with her vocals and in the guitar solos. Quite impressive. Lastly, Avid Dancer closed the show and performed fan favorites, “I Feel It” and “I want to see you Dance,” in addition to a beautiful acoustic solo performance by frontman Jacob Summers to close the night. Overall, a fun night of Indie Pop was had for all at the Echo on Thursday night! Here are a couple of clips from the performance:

Gothic Tropic:

Avid Dancer:


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