Moon Block Rock N Roll Circus

This show on Saturday, January 9, at the Teregram Ballroom in Los Angeles hosted by Moon Block Party promised “no sets or Moon Block Ron N Roll Circusswitchovers–one continuous performance blending each band, it’s members, and songs and instrumentation.” This intrigued me, and I was curious to see how the sets would play out. The stage was set with glowing neon eyeballs, and performers filtered into the two drum sets, keyboards, guitars, etc. The stage was set for two bands to perform. The evening seemed to blend in and out between “jamming” sets and actual songs. It was truly a one-of-a-kind performance by members of Fever the Ghost, Jjujjuu, Hott MT, Morgan Delt, and Vinyl Williams, specially prepared for this psychedelic night. Check out their last jam of the set here:  


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