Beach House

I caught the last few songs of Beach House’s recent show in Los Angeles at the Fonda Theater. I came in just as they were playing Sparks. While I was sad to have missed them perform 10 mile stereo and Lazuli, the encore was what really stole the show for me. The performed Elegy to the Void as the final song of the night, but with an unexpected twist…the song starts out beautifully soft, and singer Victoria Legrand picked up the guitar to play the screeching guitar line between the verses. The song ends with a repetition of the pronounced guitar line over a rhythmic 4/4 pattern, that then fades out on the track. Live, they did the opposite, and the sound and beat grew and grew and built up for what felt like five whole minutes, and then stopped suddenly leaving the crowd cheering. It was a perfect ending—Beach House giving it their all.  


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